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Hamble Common is 55 acres of coastal heath owned and managed by Eastleigh Borough Council and assigned Special Scientific Interest because of its wide range of habitats.  It is the main focus for the Hamble Conservation Volunteers and for those who have not heard of the Common before, it is a downward pointing triangular shaped area bounded by Southampton Water and the River Hamble. 

We are the Hamble Conservation Volunteers, a group of local enthusiasts committed to preserving the habitat and amenity of Hamble Common for the benefit of the community.  We have been working with Eastleigh Borough Council for over 10 years providing support for a variety of activities.  In essence Eastleigh BC form the strategy and provide the expertise and we assist with those tasks that would be prohibitively costly were they to be carried out commercially.  We also help Hamble Parish Council with maintaining the village environment such as clearing litter and repairing benches.

Most of our tasks are manually intensive and there is no substitute for numbers.  The tasks may appear arduous but there are roles for almost all agility levels.  We appreciate that many people will have other commitments and may be only able to help infrequently but all projects are preceded by briefings that assume no prior experience.  Whether you are an individual or a company looking for a rewarding project for your Corporate Responsibility programme, we are keen to hear from you.

Unless we notify otherwise, we meet on the first two Mondays in the month at 10am at Hamble School Lane Car Park and on the 3rd Monday at 10am at the Roy Underwood Pavilion.   Tasks and dates are displayed on the Diary of Tasks page.