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Hamble Conservation Volunteers

Historic Anti Aircraft Gun at Hamble Point

By Bob Llewellin Hamble Conservation Volunteers

Wednesday, 10 July 2019


Hamble Conservation Volunteers Contributor


  • It seems extraordinary that we first publicised the deteriorating state of the historic anti aircraft gun at Hamble Point Car Park in November 2017.  Since then apart from a fence erected rapidly around the site for a cost of around £20K out of public funds no action has been taken to save this very popular reminder of our air defence efforts in WW2.  It is a credit to those who built the mounting for the gun that it continues to stand inspite of severe tidal erosion of its foundations.  It seems today that we have a multitude of bodies who have to be consulted and have power of veto but no-one has ultimate responsibility for the gun and the authority and funds to take executive action to save it.  It would appear that the adopted policy is to wait until it collapses and then have it removed on health and safety grounds at great public expense and the complete loss of a rare reminder of the time when our country stood alone and defended itself.
  • If you are concerned about the complete lack of action over the gun please add your voice to ours and contact Eastleigh Borough Council and let them know your views.




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