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Activities Update

By Bob Llewellin Hamble Conservation Volunteers

Thursday, 5 August 2021


Hamble Conservation Volunteers Contributor


In most respects we are back to normal but would request that if you plan to join us please phone or email Philip in advance so we can manage the numbers and pre-clean the appropriate quantity of equipment. Please remember that we have reverted to Mondays rather than Wednesdays and the details are on the Diary of Events page. The war against litter continues unabated and thanks to increased numbers of volunteers we have been able to expand our sweeps into the village in addition to the beaches. Recent tasks have included removing Ragwort from the meadows where cows are grazing. The cows do an excellent job but are vulnerable to Ragwort as in time it destroys their livers. There is no simple solution to Ragwort as there is no selective weedkiller so equipped with special forks provided by Eastleigh Borough Council we have managed to remove it from the grazing areas by hand. It will return no doubt but we can now identify it and know how to remove it.

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Philip Rawlinson

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